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In Your Home

Call for Submissions...

"In Your Home" is a monthly blog post featuring art in real-life.

If you've collected an original painting or art print from my studio, I'd love for you to submit below! These posts are meant to inspire creativity in the home and show-off the unique ways you add art into every day life.


Styled photos are great, but the art really sings when it's given context in your home. Your life, your style and the energy in your space - that's what brings the work to life. So show us where your art lives. 

Read the latest post here...


Submit Your Photos

Photo Tips:
Show the art in the context of your space - like in a gallery wall, sitting on a mantle, etc.

Photograph in natural light when possible.

Feel free to submit multiple photos at different angles

Unedited photos preferred.

Upload Photo
Upload Photo
Upload Photo

Thanks for sharing! Be on the lookout for the "In Your Home" feature on the first Monday of every month!

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