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Vlog: Winter Break Painting

This week, after all the remaining holiday orders were sent out, I started to ease into my winter break. For me this meant slower mornings by twinkling lights, hot chocolate in hand - you know, all the Christmassy things!

But it also meant time for some fun paintings. This yearly break always seems to become a time of experimentation and idea building for the year to come, and I love it. I get to hash out some ideas that have been in my head for a while, whether it relates to art or business, and it all feels very exciting. This week I dove right into painting. It seems like it's been a while since I created a new studio painting, so I was itching to get started. I started putting a few new ideas into practice with this one that I'm hoping to bring into the new year!

If you're interested in seeing more of this long-form content, I'd greatly appreciate a like and subscribe over on YouTube. I just have a little baby channel over there so every subscriber makes a big difference in getting videos seen.

As always thank you for being here and supporting my studio!

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