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18x24" oil painting on canvas framed in maple floater frame

Can be displayed vertical or landscape

Last week I took a trip to the Rose Garden. It's the one place in El Paso that is lush with greenery. While the garden wasn't fully in bloom yet, you could find little patches of color peeking out from behind their leaves. I can't wait to see this place explode with color in a few weeks, but right now it's a great reminder of winter's reprieve. The blanket of cold is slowly being lifted to reveal the warmth of a new season and the new life brought along with it.

Winter's Reprieve | 18x24"

  • This painting is newly finished and will take approx. 3 weeks to fully dry and be packaged for shipping.

    International shipping is estimated at checkout & will either be invoiced or refunded the difference once the item has shipped.

  • Different color frames can be ordered upon request. Email me at for more details.

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