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Field & Flower

a collection of oil pastel paintings

You know the sound of wind rustling through a field of grass? Where there's a momentary lapse from the summer heat, patches of wildflowers dance and the field is full of rhythm; swaying and dancing in the coolness. Close your eyes and imagine that space... that's what it was like to create this collection.

These paintings are a representation of our most idyllic memories - painted from a compilation of images in my mind rather than any one reference photo. My hope is that these paintings give you those feelings of freedom and expansiveness, that you get lost in the details and find yourself in that breezy summer afternoon.


Thank you!

Thank you so much for being here & celebrating release day with me. There is so much effort that goes into a collection launch, and to finally be able to share these pieces with you is truly the best feeling!

If you enjoyed the collection, I'd be honored if you'd share it with friends on social media. Just head to my instagram and share a recent post or follow the buttons below to share elsewhere.

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