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Field & Flower



The Inspiration

You know the sound of wind rustling through a field of grass? Where there's a momentary lapse from the summer heat, patches of wildflowers dance and the field is full of rhythm; swaying and dancing in the coolness. Close your eyes and imagine that space... that's what it was like to create this collection.

These paintings are a representation of our most idyllic memories - painted from a compilation of images in my mind rather than any one reference photo. My hope is that these paintings give you those feelings of freedom and expansiveness, that you get lost in the details and find yourself in that breezy summer afternoon.


The Materials

Early this year, I picked up oil pastels and haven't been able to put them down since. I love the freedom they give my marks - maybe that's why I'm so drawn to painting landscapes with them? They force me to paint differently; building up a scene layer by layer with small marks of beautiful texture and color.


I knew I wanted the frame to become a piece of the art itself. Each piece is custom framed, the background painted to perfectly compliment the painting and float mounted to accent the beautiful deckled edge. The frame is finished with an acrylic front that protects the artwork and gives another beautiful layer of depth.

Untitled_Artwork 21.png

What to Expect

The Field & Flower Collection is made up of 8 original oil pastel paintings with custom framing. Pieces range from 11x14" to 16x20"

11x14" (1) - $315

12x16" (4) - $390

16x20" (3) - $550


Payment plans are available through AfterPay at checkout or feel free to contact me at to set up a personalized payment plan.

Untitled_Artwork 21.png

Click the images below to view the painting, its name & size.