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"Lean In" Process Video

This week's videos covers the process of painting a large garden painting in oil. I prefer to paint Alla Prima, so this painting was largely done in one 9 hour sitting, painting wet on wet. I absolutely love the way this painting came out. So I hope you enjoy seeing some of the process💕 I’m calling this one “Lean In” for a few reasons. Literally this is one of those pieces with so many beautiful moments just within the brushwork. You can take in the image as a whole, of course, but it’s even better when you lean in close.

That’s how I felt when I took the reference photo too - coming in real close to see all the different textures and colors this little garden had to offer.

And then last, but definitely not least, this is the first painting that came sooo naturally this year. One where inspiration came easy, I sat and painted for hours on end without hesitation & was really able to lean in to those moments of flowing creativity✨

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