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My Favorite Frames for Art Prints

Updated: Jun 5

I get asked often about framing prints. So I thought it was time to put together a list of my all-time favorites. Of course, you can always bring your piece to a framer, but if DIY is more your style, these recommendations are nice quality, budget-friendly options you can do yourself!

In need of some art?

Want to get the look from my print shop photos? Try these maple frames from Art to Frame - my personal favorite! Reasons I love these frames: color, depth, lightweight, quality for cost, customizable sizes, hanging hardware included The site also has many more stains/woods available! Like this lovely Walnut version.

Below are some frames that have been tested and loved by me and my customers! Most of these frames come in various sizes, colors & sets. Simply click to shop & see all available options.

I hope this helps you find a beautiful frame for your new print! Are there any I may have missed? Let me know your favorite frames in the comments below.


A few framing tips:

- My canvas prints can be framed with or without glass. This is totally a personal preference, but I love to frame without glass so the beautiful texture of the print really shows through!

- Smaller prints can easily be popped into a standard frame. If you're working with a larger print, you can use double-sided, acid-free tape to mount the print to your frame's backboard. This will keep it in place and make framing much easier.

- If you're in need of a custom mat, Hobby Lobby (and most other craft stores) can easily cut one for you in about 10 minutes! They also have tons of framing options if you want something completely custom. - For an even simpler option, consider sending your print in to Framebridge or Simply Framed. Choose from a ton of options online & they'll put it all together for you!


*Please note: some of the above are affiliate links. This means there is no extra cost to you, but I may earn a commission for recommending them. I only recommend products that I or my customers have personally used and loved. Purchasing through these links is just another small way to support my studio - thank you!

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