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Framing the Field & Flower Prints

Hi friends! I'm sooo excited that the new print collection is almost ready for you! Over the past few weeks, I've been working on editing all the little details, color testing & and preparing samples. And let me tell you, they're looking so beautiful. Make sure you're on the Collectors List to get a little surprise on release day (Thursday, September 16)!

So as you prepare to welcome some new art into your home, I thought I'd share some framing tips that will help you create a look similar to that of the originals. It's no secret that the colorful mats are a big part of the original collection, so if you're wondering how to get that some look, keep reading. Just a disclaimer: these prints look beautiful framed without a mat as well. I've just gotten a lot of questions about framing to get the original F&F look - so here goes:)

It's easier than you think

Yes, you read that right. Framing doesn't have to be difficult or even expensive. There are ways to get lovely framed artwork on a budget with just a trip to your local craft store.

Do a little planning

You've chosen your artwork - now what? If you want to mimic the colorful mats from the original collection, think about what colors you want to pull out in the artwork. I tend to choose a color that coordinates with the painting, but won't wash it out. You want there to be a little contrast! Unsure which to choose? You can always replicate the colors from the original, ask for my opinion or the opinion of the framer. Be sure to also think about the way you want your new art to look in your home. Do you want it light and bright? Or more moody? These are things to consider when choosing a mat color.

Go to your local craft store

And head to the framing section. I promise it's not as scary as it seems. You just have to know what you're looking for! There are tons of frame options to choose from. To get the F&F look, I'd go for a frame with a natural wood color. Remember to buy the frame larger than the print if you plan on adding a mat.

In the framing section you'll also find pre-cut mats of standard sizes and colors. These are great options if you just want to get in and out. You'll find white/cream mats here, and they almost always looks nice and classic.

If you're like me, and really looking for that custom color, head to the counter where you'll find a magical book full of just about every color you can think of! I personally loved "Grass Green", Nautical Blue" & "Sage Advice". At Hobby Lobby, the colors with the notches in the sides are colors they have in store - that means the framer can cut them for you then and there, and it typically only costs about $8-15.

Tip: bring the print in the store with you so you don't have to remember the measurements. Just hand it to the framer and say I need a mat for this to go in a 8x10 frame... or whatever size frame you plan to get.

You're ready to frame!

Once you've chosen your mat & frame and received your print in the mail, it's time to get your art up on the wall! Flip the mat over and place your print over the opening face down. Tape the edges so that your print is flat and secure. I recommend using painter's tape. It's archival and will ensure the longevity of your print. Pop the mat and print into the frame and voila! Now go hang it, and start enjoying your new art! Want more of a visual? Head to Instagram to see my "Framing" highlight.

I'd love to see a photo once you get your prints framed! Tag me on Instagram or send an email to

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