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24x36" oil painting on canvas | available framed or unframed with solid black edges

Can be displayed vertical or landscape

Truth be told, I’ve been hoarding these images for the last year. I’ve always thought they’d make beautiful paintings, but the “busyness” and amount of detail overwhelmed me. But lately, I’ve been embracing the busyness. There’s a real beauty in diving into a project full of so much detail - a full frame image you can lose yourself in.

I’ve also been wanting to loosen up my brushstrokes. So for this piece (and probably the ones to come) I’m focusing on light, shadow and color. Trusting my eyes and not letting my brain get in the way of what I actually see, then putting that down in the free, textured brushstrokes. I’m loving it so far.

Intertwined | 24x36"

  • This painting is newly finished and will take approx. 2-3 weeks to fully dry and be packaged for shipping.

    International shipping is estimated at checkout & will either be invoiced of refunded the difference.

  • This style frame is available in other colors upon request. Email me at to inquire.

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