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36x48" oil painting on canvas. Framing available upon request.

There's usually some similarities between the process of a painting and what's going on in my life. For this one, it was definitely the stillness, silence and peace I found while painting it. 

This is a really detailed painting and I wanted to make sure I portrayed that, while still having places for the eye to rest. So I left big areas of shadow. In these parts of the painting you'll find subtle color shifts and soft brushstrokes that really became a place of rest compared to the boldness of other areas. I love that dichotomy.

I had a similar feeling while working on this piece. It felt like a beautiful break from the busyness of life. Instead of painting along to a podcast or one of my favorite playlists as usual, I painted the majority in silence. It became my place of peace and slow work.

Stillness in the Shadows | 36x48"

  • Please allow approx. 2 weeks for this painting to be carefullly packaged & shipped.

  • Email me at to inquire about a custom payment plan.

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