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24x36" landscape oil painting on canvas framed in maple floater frame

The "Soft Skies" Collection is heavily inspired by my work with oil pastel. I wanted to bring those same ideas to life on a much larger canvas. Each piece is built up in layers of oil paint, but unlike my pastel work, I found myself drawn to a stark contrast of land and sky. Wild grasses dancing below soft blended skies. This juxtaposition became the central focus of the entire collection. Land and sky, cool and warm, simple and chaotic - and the balance of it all.

The Breath of this Place | 24x36

  • Please allow approx. 2 weeks to carefully frame & package your painting. International shipping is estimated at checkout & will either be invoiced of refunded the difference.

  • Each painting in this collection comes framed in a natural wood floater frame. If you would like to discuss a different framing option, feel free to email me at

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